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There's never been a better time to join our team

 CENTURY 21 Town & Country is a close-knit group of talented and relentless professionals seeking to defy mediocrity.

Production Power

We help agents sell more homes, make more money and work more efficiently.

We provide a diverse environment that is collaborative, supportive, and fun. We are a company that inspires pride.

Career Opportunities

With 6 offices in Michigan, career opportunities are available; whether you are an experienced real estate agent, a new agent or just in the process of obtaining your real estate license, we have all the tools. Our mission is to empower real estate professionals to grow their businesses, exceed their goals and live exceptional lives by offering world-class coaching, education and support enabling them to make a lasting impact on their communities and around the world.

Empower, Educate, Encourage

Over the last 40+ years, our focus has been on creating a brokerage that felt more like a family, and less like a business.

User Friendly Technology & Agent Friendly Support

We provide our agents with the technology and support to be able to conduct and  grow their business from ANYWHERE.  Your always on the go, and your business needs to go with you. Our technology and support has been expertly designed to be there when you need, wherever you need it.

Here is the technology We Provide Our Agents:

  • MoxiEngage - Full CRM
  • MoxiWebsite - Custom Website
  • MoxiPresent - Custom Virtual Presentations
  • MoxiImpress - Custom Website Per Listing
  • MoxiEngage - Email Drip Campaigns
  • CENTURY 21 University - Full Learning Database
  • Workplace - Network with CENTURY 21 Agents across the United States

We're A Full Support Brokerage

  • Full Signage Support ( Getting the sign up and down)
  • Full MLS Support ( Inputting & Compliance)
  • Broker Led Training
  • One On One Coaching and Business Planning
  • Get Paid At Closing
  • Transaction Support
  • Full Office Usage (Including unlimited printing (BW))
  • Live & Virtual Trainings


And so much more...

We don’t have a job or even a career.


By definition, a passion is something that can’t be controlled. It’s not the thing that someone pushes you to do; it’s the thing you have to do, the thing that beckons you. That’s why it’s called your calling. It knows your name. It comes to find you.

The work is the reward.

Who we are and what we do is one and the same. Since 1981 our client-centered approach has meant operating from our core values, continuously expanding our education and experience, and sharing with you only the best practices.

Great Real Estate Business = our ethics + your well-being

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about the learning opportunites.

John Lafferty

Sales Associate

No one was born a successful real estate salesperson. For most people success requires training, guidance, coaching, tools, systems, and support. At CENTURY 21 Town & Country our leadership team understands that delivering these essential ingredients to you are their most important job.

Kim Duley

Sales Associate

The Company is a close knit group of talented professionals seeking to be the best realtors possible through our mentoring, coaching and the forging of lifetime friendships.

Joseph White

Sales Associate