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Are you in search of the perfect destination to visit, call home, or raise a family in the United States? You're in luck! Ranked #7 in the Best Places to Live in Macomb County, Clinton Charter Township is your gateway to a vibrant community and a fulfilling lifestyle.

Clinton Charter Township, a Detroit suburb, boasts a population of 100,328 and is nestled in the heart of Macomb County. Living in Clinton Charter Township offers residents a bustling suburban atmosphere, with the majority of locals owning their homes. This dynamic township is replete with bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and picturesque parks. It's a popular choice for young professionals, and the community tends to lean conservative. The public schools in Clinton Charter Township are known for their above-average quality.

Clinton Township: A Thriving Community in Metro Detroit

Clinton Township is a charter township located in Macomb County, Michigan, serving as a northern suburb of Metro Detroit. Situated approximately 20 miles northeast of downtown Detroit, Clinton Township is a thriving hub with a population of 100,513, making it the most populous township in the state according to the 2020 census.

Historically, the land that is now Clinton Township was initially known as Gnadenhuetten and was established in 1782 by Rev. David Zeisberg but closed in 1786. It was later organized as "Huron Township" on August 12, 1818, named after the then-known Huron River. Due to confusion with another Huron River south of Detroit, the Michigan Territorial Legislature decided to rename both the township and the river after DeWitt Clinton on July 17, 1824. DeWitt Clinton was a renowned figure, serving as the popular governor of New York from 1817 to 1823. His legacy includes the construction of the Erie Canal, which played a pivotal role in enabling settlers to come to Michigan.

Moravian Drive, the township's oldest road, dates back to the days when Moravian missionaries settled here in an attempt to convert the local Native Americans.

A Mix of Suburban and Rural Living

Living in Clinton Township provides a unique blend of suburban and rural living, with most residents owning their homes. The community is popular among families and young professionals who tend to hold conservative values. The above-average quality of public schools in the township enhances its appeal.

Exploring Clinton Township's Real Estate Landscape

When it comes to real estate, Clinton Township offers diverse options. The most sought-after areas are typically located in the northern parts of the city, while more affordable homes can be found in the northeast regions. Median house prices in Clinton Township, MI stand at $171,311, making it a more affordable option compared to the national median of $318,879. Additionally, when comparing within Michigan, Clinton Township home prices are less expensive than the state's average of $196,062.

For those seeking the best neighborhoods with higher median home values, Clinton Township offers a range of choices. These areas often boast lower crime rates and a higher quality of life.

Enhancing Quality of Life with High-Speed Internet

Another crucial factor that contributes to the quality of life in any neighborhood is the availability and speed of internet services. A high-speed internet connection can significantly enhance day-to-day experiences, from working at home to streaming entertainment and even viewing interactive maps like these. If you're interested in high-speed internet in Clinton Township, a visit to provides a comprehensive overview of available internet providers.

Explore Clinton Charter Township with CENTURY 21 Town & Country and discover the vibrant and diverse community that awaits you. Whether you're considering making it your new home or just visiting, you'll find a welcoming and dynamic environment here.

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The historic Red Mill in Clinton Township in New Jersey.

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The first settlement on the land currently known as Clinton Township was called Gnadenhuetten and established in 1782 by Rev. David Zeisberg, but closed in 1786. The township was organized as "Huron Township" on August 12, 1818, named after what was then known as the Huron River. Because of confusion with another Huron River south of Detroit, on July 17, 1824, the Michigan Territorial Legislature renamed both the township and the river after DeWitt Clinton, the popular governor of New York from 1817 to 1823 who was largely responsible for building the Erie Canal which enabled many settlers to come to Michigan.

There are two unincorporated communities in the township; Broad Acres is located in the southeastern portion on M-3/Gratiot Avenue between 15 Mile and Quinn Roads; Cady is located in the southwestern portion at Utica and Moravian Roads. It was founded in 1833 by Chauncey G. Cady. Cady served for a time as township supervisor and was also a member of the state legislature. It had a post office from 1864 until 1906.

Clinton Township Historical Village Museum

The Clinton Township Historical Village Museum includes the 1880's Moravian Hall, with artifacts and information on the history of Clinton Township (such as locks from the nearby Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal), and the 1850's Williams Log Cabin, newly-refurbished as a living history museum. The Village is located at the southeast corner of Romeo Plank and Canal Roads in Clinton Township, and is open during select events throughout the year and by appointment.


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Clinton Township’s History Begins in Ohio!

Clinton Township’s history begins withDavid Zeisberger, a Moravian missionary, who practiced in the Ohio Country throughout the American Revolution and during the new nation’s early years.


Zeisberger was born in Moravia (the Czech Republic) in 1721 and immigrated to British North America in the late 1730s. He joined the Moravian Church, eventually settling near Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and became a missionary to various Native American groups in Pennsylvania and New York. Zeisberger’s missionary work emphasized how Christianity could be beneficial to the natives. However, this often led to the end of the traditional ways of life of the American Indian converts.

During the 1760s, Zeisberger lived with the Lenape (Delaware) in Pennsylvania. However, as the colonial population grew in British North America, more land was needed, and the Lenape were forced westward, reaching Ohio in 1772. Upon their arrival, Zeisberger established the village of Schoenbrunn, located near modern-day New Philadelphia. The missionary intended this village to be a refuge for so-called “Christian Delaware” and a location where further outreach efforts could be made. At Schoenbrunn, the Delaware lived like the Anglo settlers in the region – planting crops, serving as skilled craftspeople, attending school, and participating in religious services.


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