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Livonia, MI: A Legacy of Excellence with CENTURY 21®

Our association with the CENTURY 21® Brand, a global leader in real estate since 1971, ensures that you never have to settle when it comes to your home. Our relentless agents, backed by over 100 years of combined real estate experience, specialize in residential and commercial real estate. Whether you're seeking the most luxurious homes or embarking on your first home buying journey, our dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way.

A Diverse and Multilingual Team

With over 40 agents and proficiency in 10 different languages within our team, we offer the ultimate real estate listing and selling experience. We understand the diverse needs of our clients, and our multilingual agents ensure that communication is seamless and tailored to your preferences.

Community Engagement and Support

At CENTURY 21 Town & Country, we take pride in actively supporting our local community. Our agents are engaged with area Chamber of Commerce organizations, foundations dedicated to enhancing our local school system, rotary clubs, and various local initiatives that contribute to the growth and development of our community. One of our core passions is helping senior communities transition to environments that support their medical, socialization, and carefree lifestyle needs.

A Legacy of Giving Back

For 27 consecutive years, CENTURY 21 Town & Country has held the top spot among brokerages in fundraising efforts for the benefit of Easterseals. In 2023, our team raised a record-breaking $1,750,931, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

Transforming the Real Estate Experience

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Discover Livonia, Michigan, nestled in the heart of Wayne County, just 20 miles northwest of vibrant downtown Detroit. Boasting a population of 95,535 as per the 2020 census, Livonia is a dynamic city with a rich history dating back to its organization as Livonia Township in 1835, followed by its incorporation as a city in 1950.

Renowned for its flourishing business community, Livonia beckons entrepreneurs and corporations alike with its diverse industries and commercial establishments, making it an attractive destination for professionals and families alike.

Considering a move to Livonia, Michigan? Delve into the pros and cons to make an informed decision tailored to your lifestyle preferences. While our assessment offers insights into Livonia's livability compared to other cities on both national and state levels, it's important to note that individual preferences may vary.

Living in Livonia provides a distinctive urban feel, offering a lively atmosphere that strikes a balance between bustling city life and the tranquility of suburban surroundings. With an array of activities and amenities at your fingertips, coupled with a favorable cost of living, Livonia presents an enticing opportunity for those seeking a vibrant yet affordable lifestyle.

Is Livonia, Michigan the right fit for you? With a population of 94,928, Livonia stands out as one of Michigan's premier residential destinations. Nestled in Wayne County, Livonia offers residents a serene suburban environment dotted with an abundance of dining options, cozy coffee shops, and picturesque parks.

Indeed, Livonia boasts a winning combination of factors, including diversity and a welcoming community spirit. Whether you're drawn to its thriving economy, cultural vibrancy, or family-friendly atmosphere, Livonia truly offers something for everyone, making it an ideal place to call home.

Ultimately, the ideal city to live in is subjective, catering to the unique preferences and needs of its residents. Whether you prioritize affordability, job opportunities, safety, or cultural diversity, Livonia strives to fulfill these criteria, embodying the essence of a great place to live.

Demographically, Livonia boasts a vibrant community of middle-aged adults, with a median age of approximately 45 years. Families thrive in this welcoming environment, with an average household size of 3.1 people, reflecting the city's family-friendly ethos. Moreover, Livonia's cultural tapestry shines bright, ranking above both national and state averages for diversity.

Understanding a city's demographics is pivotal for businesses, policymakers, and individuals alike, shaping everything from economic decisions to community planning. Whether you're considering a career move, relocation, or simply seeking a new place to call home, Livonia's demographics offer valuable insights into the city's vibrant tapestry of residents and its welcoming atmosphere.


Explore the rich tapestry of Livonia's history, where the echoes of indigenous tribes mingle with the footsteps of European-American pioneers. Once inhabited by indigenous tribes, Livonia saw a wave of settlement by pioneering spirits from New England and New York in the early 19th century. The boundaries of Livonia Township were officially established by the Legislature of the Territory of Michigan on March 17, 1835.


Drawing inspiration from their roots, settlers christened the burgeoning community "Livonia," paying homage to Livonia, New York, a town from which many had migrated. The evolution of Livonia Township saw it split from Nankin Township, where a Livonia post office had already been established in June 1834.


During this period, various small communities emerged, each with its own unique story. One such enclave was Elmwood, originally known as McKinley's Station, serving as a pivotal stop on the Detroit, Lansing, and Northern Railroad. Elmwood boasted its own post office from 1858 to 1906. Additionally, Giltedge operated as a post office in the township from 1899 to 1902.


The metamorphosis of Livonia continued into the 20th century, culminating in its incorporation as a city on May 23, 1950, following a decisive vote by township residents. This transformation brought with it the promise of increased tax revenues, spurred in part by the proximity of the Detroit Race Course (DRC). However, the DRC shifted its focus to harness racing for Standardbred horses from 1985 until its closure in 1998, marking the end of an era.


Livonia's allure extended beyond its borders, attracting immigrants seeking opportunities in Detroit's industrial landscape. Throughout the 20th century, Palestinian and Lebanese Christians, as well as Muslims, found a new home in Livonia and its neighboring suburbs. By 1985, Livonia had become a beacon for Palestinian Christians, joining a vibrant community of immigrants who would go on to establish and operate numerous businesses in the area.


Over the years, Livonia has welcomed distinguished guests, including six U.S. presidents: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush. Their visits stand as testament to Livonia's significance on the national stage, highlighting its enduring legacy as a community shaped by diverse cultures and dynamic history.